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#97137 - She told me not to move as she got up off the floor & disappeared upstairs I was lieing on floor with my pussy tingling every time I closed my thighs I never wanted this feeling to end, then Chloe came back down stairs with some lube, she covered her hand & my pussy (god the cold lube was so soothing on my red hot sore pussy) in the stuff & carried on where she had left off, by now I was so relaxed and wet she fingered me more gently this time but I felt like she was stretching me more than before it was starting to hurt again hurting so much I was screaming in both pain and pleasure and this seemed to really get Chloe going she pushed her hand harder and harder into my pussy I could feel myself being stretched I wanted her to stop but I also wanted it to carry on then all of a sudden the pressure on the outside of my pussy seemed ease but I felt so full inside I looked down and couldn’t believe what I saw, she had her whole hand inside me, she looked me in the eye and said feels good

Read Boss Yuusha to Kenja to Tokidoki Senshi. - Dragon quest iii Feet Yuusha to Kenja to Tokidoki Senshi.

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Narumi yatadera
Dont run by the pool god damit kid these days gonna hurt themselves some day
Wish i could laugh at how unrealistic this is but if the girlfriend is a flat earther anti vaxxer or anti social distanced i could legitimately see her believing that the other chick was actually a sex doll
Name please