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#321501 - Because the Monday was a day off no one seemed to be in a hurry to leave, but around 3 am, we told Steve it was time for the girls to have a rest and for the guys to have their last quick fuck and empty any seed they had left, most of the guys emptied their bladders as well over the girls before leaving. As the girls drove of Dave and I waved, we talked for awhile, before I said to him I was heading out, to get started on my weekend off, I felt rotten but what the hell, his wife wanted the sex and he wasn’t giving it to her. Another hour or so and the house was empty, both Jan and Joy came over to me, and emptied their loads of cum into my mouth, my stomach was nearly full of cum by now, Steve and I took them into the shower, I pissed in Jan’s ass and then she stood over me, a nice hot shower went down well.

Read Ruiva Shimai Kyoudou no Heya - Part 2 - Original Romantic Shimai Kyoudou no Heya - Part 2

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Rintarou okabe
Amazing stuff you guys put out mdlb and ddlg are really not present ebough on this site especially not the fluffier and warmer side keep it up guys
I really missed you so much