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#14504 - com/MosaicMusic if ya get on some other device :) lordofkhaine: i will check it out dear-drags his pierced tongue along her jaw- DracMorair: ~~gigglez arching my neck up tracting out my long forked yet dog/cat ruff surfaced toungue out along his long ear~~ lordofkhaine: -he tilted his head to the licks some before sinking his fangs into her jaw- DracMorair: ~~with a lusftul growl return the favor by extending my talons into there ass cheek scratching hip bone~~ lordofkhaine: -He opened his muzzle with an unnatural snarl, echoing with deep desires unbound as his claws sink into her thighs, teeth ripping into her neck with a lustfull purr DracMorair: ~~The pain and bit of dominance at my neck making things wet below my waist as the rest of my body relaxes nearly passive.

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