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#105649 - Ralph was knotted and building up for his second cum, Sue’s arse, locked tight, as Ralph’s knot swelled, the veins under his balls showing signs that he was ready to cum. I looked under me, seeing Kim’s face and boobs get covered in hot dog cum, she choked as her mouth took a lot, I saw her licking her lips as more run free, then she moved from under me, kissing me with an open mouth, sharing Ralph’s cum with me, I swapped cum, kissing and holding her face to mine. I kept rubbing her clit, keeping her high, as Lucas slowed, but he kept jerking more and more cum into her, I now saw it start to leak out, licking her clit and eating what I could she shot out a few more orgasm’s, then after 5 minutes or so, his knot plopped out, cum dropped onto my face, half drowning me, I took a mouth full and went over to Kim, kissing her and sharing Lucas cum with her, then I went back, taking another mouth full, as Kim came down slowly, I kissed her, sharing his cum, she returned the kiss, licki

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