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#238355 - the works she said finishing my sentence youre a mind reader i said grinning not really i just know roger hell if i was a mind reader i'd know your name oh um my name is andy well glad to meet you andy im lisa i nodded and said nice to meet you not wearing a ring but i can see by your left hand you usually do i looked down where my wedding band had been for 8 years yeah well stuff happens divorced ? she asked yeah sorry its ok no big deal i guess i shouldget on back still got errands to run ok well you come back when you can stay longer andy you hear ? yes maam i left and walked across the street to the winn dixie and took care of the money order business then on up the road to the liquor store and picked up rogers package a 12 pack of stroh's a pint of beam and a carton of chesterfields plus a racing form roger had arrnaged for it to be put on his tab so i walked back to mommas and gave my boss man his package he fished the racing

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