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#400820 - At this point I had little care for her pleasure so as she began to run to the door I grabbed the back of her dress and threw her back onto the bed. She had killer legs and unfortunalty an ok ass. NOW! she looked at me angrly and finally began to carry on stroking, I put one hand back on her boob and the other on the back of her head as i began to force her head down to my cock, at first she began to resist hard but my arms where strong and forced her head down, I pushed her lips to my cock and as I felt them connect i carryed on pushing, My cock tip entered her warm tight mouth and I let out a moan, I carryed on pushing her head up and down my length and she struggled to get it out of her mouth but I just brutally carryed on ramming my cock down her throught.

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Reisi munakata
Would take this
Chigusa kisaragi
Its for wolfman0100yes it would be great for youspecial for bikinis or jeans
Hot and sexy