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#284853 - About 5 o clock I cleaned up and said I was going home Alison came up and gave me a kiss Not a word of this to Julie I said Of course not she said and I left The next day I arrived about 9 and Alison opened the door in her dressing gown Sorry I said Am I too early No she said I thought we would have sex before you started the day Alison No we cant continue like this Yes we can and you started it wearing my panties now you are mine to do with as I like This is all wrong i argued Well wearing my knickers was all wrong wasn't it? Yes but I thought we sorted all that out yesterday afternoon Oh so giving me a fuck sorts it all out does it? Now upstairs and the knickers I want you to wear today are on the bathroom seat. about 3 I decided to give the bathroom another coat and went in. I ventured into the wash basket again and slid my hand down a bit further to find a pair of dark blue knickers with a stain in the crotch and then too the blu

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