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#195350 - When we arrived at his house the 3 of us went inside and decided to watch a movie. Tim, I have something I need to talk to you about, naive me, not seeing what he was about to say coming. After looking endlessly around the room I came to the conclusion that my clothes must still be drying after being tossed into the pool so I decided to call down stairs to have George bring them up (I have never been one to strut my stuff naked, not that I had anything to be ashamed of I had a fairly good body according to my girlfriend, athletic build, 7inch cock) George, do you have my clothes down there? Yes! C'mon down and get them I think there dry now I debated for a moment whether or not to go down, then I remember that all the university students that he lived with were gone for the week (springbreak) At that thought I bolted down to the stairs to find him laying naked on the couch.

Read Granny Watashi wa Onii-chan to Tsukiaitai. Goth Watashi wa Onii-chan to Tsukiaitai.

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